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  Conscious bodyworkers develop the ability to pick up subtle nuances of body talk that usually go unnoticed by those outside the field.

   " hands seem completely I am meeting them for the first time..thank you Body Harmony for being the Rolls Royce of bodywork..I love the”: Viet Nam

   “I feel like a five year old and tomorrow is going to be Christmas”: Italy

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      When successful-in-their-own-way technologies stop to pass the time of day Synthesis cannot help but follow.

    When all comers are welcomed with open arms barricades come tumbling.

    When washed in an elixir of conscious awareness a certain evolutionary inevitability appears on the horizon.

    The International Guild is a community of across-the-board healers of every persuation who choose to push their ceilings and not limit their development.

    Guild Membership indicates a level of expertise.

    Certification is earned through Demonstrated Proficiency &

    Maintained by continuing education to keep

on the cutting edge of possibility.

     Fundtional Guidelines

    Ceilings are circumstance-dependent...not predeterined
     Consent & Compliance
of the tissues is parmount.

     Creating vibrant tissues that share information with a minimum of compromise and no side effects..