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      "A definition encloses the wildness of an idea within a wall of words.’ Samuel Butler

     Body Harmony is a wild verb of action bridging the gap from concept to function.

     Tracking down and Achieving Philosophical Possibilities rather than just debating existential considerations.

     When you bump up against either/or and neither is entirely satisfying there is a Third Alternative:

Body Harmony.

     Which consults directly with the source, the body itself with all it’s protocols millions of years in the development.

      Where Modern Science mingles with Ancient Wisdom a crossroads is created where the Paranormal (“beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding") is quite normal:

     And Magic (”influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces") is at the end of your arms

     While it may seem a bit mysterious at times, it's not supernatural...It's Body Harmony.

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     On the trail of the pristine version unsullied by the limitations and expectations of any subgroup.

A request please..........
Rosemary is an International Body Harmony® Practitioner -Teacher  based in Ireland. Her father in the transition period.

Let us all send light and peace and prayers for an easy passing for everyone involved.
He has always been a supporter of Rosemary and her work

Rosemary: Love and light and ease to you and all your family


Do Miracles Happen in this day and age?

     When a third party cannot recreate an event, the event is dismissed as 'chance' & 'not statistically significant’

     Body Harmony focuses on those circumstances, and skills that encourage such 'chance' deviations from the norm.

     The Secret is not to allow any individual population (for instance, you) to be imprisoned by generic norms.

     Whatever your considerations...

     Welcome to Club Consciousness