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Ian Jarvis
168 Romford Road
Zip code
E7 9HY
UK United Kingdom GB Great Britain England Europe
07793 908 790
Description & additional info
Ian PortraitI first trained in Shiatsu in 1991 and came across Reiki in 1992. I became a Reiki Master in 2002.

I met Tarpan Williams and Spineworks in 1994 and this combination formed the focus of my work.

Since meeting Don McFarland and studying Body Harmony with him, I have incorporated this philosophy into my practice.

Body Harmony is a system without technique. It is the meeting of therapist and client. It is creating the possibility of change on a physical, mental and emotional scale.

We study the body as parts, muscles, bones, organs etc and its development in a similar way. But it does not work like that - it is a single whole, a continuum, tensegrity not compression, and it needs treating like that to restore the connections and interactions in its complex whole.

Body Harmony is a focus on health and healing rather than pain or sickness. It is about promoting health - restoring elegance to your body. Every treatment will be different and appropriate to you and your need.

I work in London.