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Brendan Allen
7 Derwent Street
Lyons ACT
Zip code
02 6282 0737
Description & additional info

                                                                                                                                                Brendan has been studying and sharing Body harmony for over 10 years.

Teaching in 2014
Brendan will be one of the teachers at the classes being run by the Canberra Body Harmony School in 2014. Brendan will be teaching with Robyn Barraclough who is a great Body Harmony teacher with substantial knowledge and experience. For more information on these seminars, go to this website:


A few years ago I developed an autoimmune arthritis condition which affects my spine as well as my small joints. Sometimes my back would go into spasm and I couldn't walk without great pain. I was reluctant to continue using strong pain medication but nothing else I tried seemed to help very much (including heat/ice packs, acupuncture and massage therapy). Friends suggested I have some Body Harmony treatment and highly recommended Brendan. I had never heard of it before but thought it was worth a try.


The sessions I had were unlike any other treatment I'd experienced. I still don't quite understand how he does it, but Brendan seems to have an incredible intuition about how the different parts of the body speak to each other and interact as a whole. Firstly, he used keen observation to suggest subtle changes to my posture and movements. Then Brendan used gentle manipulation to coax the problematic parts of my body into interact with each other the way they should: in harmony.


Immediately after the first treatment my spasms were much less severe and I could manage the pain by focusing on moving in a more natural and relaxed way. After one or two more sessions I was fine. I still go to Brendan whenever my back misbehaves.

I highly recommend seeing Brendan for Body Harmony treatment, particularly for chronic pain conditions like mine.


N. M.