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Kit Ford-Young
Embodiment, Copper Beech, Magdalene St
Zip code
England, Great Britain/United Kingdom (G.B./GB U.K./UK)
01458 833250
Description & additional info

I was passionate about this work from first touch, finding it first through 'co-incidence' while travelling in New Zealand. Returning home I sought further teaching and was authorised to practice in 1991, subsequently being formally certified at the first U.K. Body Harmony practitioner certification training in 1992. I've been practising and teaching it ever since, gaining teacher accreditation in 1994.
In the spirit of this ever evolving system, I enjoy continuing to learn with Don McFarland and many wonderful Body Harmony teachers from around the world. 

Body Harmony changed my life and is still changing it. I find it valuable all the time, whether things are going well or life is challenging me. The last few years have provided me with significant 'growth opportunities' and health changes: throughout these I have had the advantage of having Body Harmony skills and principles to bring me through.

My classes have been described as stimulating yet peaceful and loving, my body work and intuitive style as gentle and empowering.  I value these comments as my aim is to create classes and provide sessions true to the Body Harmony ethos of supporting and empowering each person's individual journey.  

I qualified as a nurse ( it was then) in 1979 and am a former nurse teacher. I have always had a special interest in therapeutic presence, the qualities of touch and the emotional and spiritual components of care.

I have experience in, and continue to study across a wide range of mind, body and energy disciplines, blending wisdoms from these many sources into my work. I have also practised and taught a simple and profound form of Usui Reiki since 1992. 


The future is always "in development"

For details on my classes and events please see the main schedule of events 

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