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Duncan Hogg
355 Ringtail Creek Rd
Ringtail Creek
Zip code
61(0)7 5485 3099 0411 399873
Description & additional info

I began studying Body Harmony® in 1986 in Sydney with Don McFarland. I was still a teenager then, and I found the work absolutely fascinating, a complete revelation. Many of the most profound moments of my life have occured through the gateway that Body Harmony® has offered. So naturally I followed through with 22 years of continuous study, became a practitioner, a teacher, an organiser and a perpetual student, looking to learn beyond the scope of my understandings. Don McFarland was-is-continues to be a concise teacher. He is quite remarkable at linking action to outcome.

I currently practice in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast, just out of Noosa. (In Australia).
My wife - Gina Carruthers-Hogg - and I produce events in collaboration with Don & Linda McFarland making accessible the opportunities associated with the practices of Body Harmony®. These events can be viewed on this site or at our website .