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Susy Joy
8, Garston Street
Shepton Mallet
Zip code
44 (0)77901 32797
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my home page:

Susy JoySusy has over 30 years experience in spiritual and personal development. She has travelled widely in the quest for wholeness, tranformation, creative living and inner peace and studied extensively with some of the best teachers in the world. These include Swami Muktananda, Amritananda Mayi Ma, Ramesh Balsakar, Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Patrick Collard, Judy Fraser, Dr. Don McFarland, Linda Gill McFarland, Duncan Hogg and Ginna Carruthers.

Susy is a teacher, practitioner and member of the International Body Harmony Guild, and a business coach, certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Her background includes training in Meditation, Counselling, Emotional Therapy, Energy Medicine, Rebirthing, Loving Relationships and Second Aid.

Susy's client-base is wide and varied, and includes business men and women, artists, therapists, dancers, musicians, teachers, trainers, - people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Susy is also the mother of 3 high-energy, talented and creative sons, who are now adults. Alongside the delight they have brought to her life, they have also been instrumental in shaping some of the strategies she has developed for her Stress Management work.