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Robyn Barraclough
8 Callum St
Zip code
+61 (0)2 62990553
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We take the mystery out of hands on healing.
Simple principles, applied consiously, achieve big results.

Canberra Body Harmony School helps you move easier, breathe easier, feel better, live better. We help you move past your historical limitations and live your life more fully. We offer personal sessions and classes. Classes support the work that you do in sessions, and help you take more effective sessions. Classes also contribute to International Body Harmony Guild Practitioner Certification.

A variety of classes are offered including
Don McFarland presents The Heart of the Matter on 8th and 9th October 2011

Body Harmony Module Series commences again in 2013
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Easy to Learn, Magic to Practice

Module 1 The Healing Equation - Foundation Basics  
Module 2 A Conscious and Accurate Touch  
Module 3 Reading the Body   
Module 4 The Art of Embodiment   
Module 5  From Imagination and Sensation Into Action   

Purpose The Modules Series teach the principles of Body Harmony, which stimulate the innate healing response that resides within everyone. Body Harmony creates a healing environment where optimum health and balance is restored and maintained. Discover the posture and state of mind that enables you to be happier and healthier. From this place of easier posture, your hopes and desires have more fertile ground to grow and flourish, and, instead of dreaming of the life you want to lead, you start living it. We take the mystery out of hands on healing. Simple principles, applied consciously, can achieve big results. These classes are the foundation of the 100 Hour Practitioner Training Program.