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Linda McFarland
Santa Monica
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      This past week I spend time to taking beautiful photos of our rare storm clouds here in Southern California. The clouds and sunsets where amazing. I couldn’t click fast enough to capturer the beauty of it all. As I watched the sky it remained me so much of a Body Harmony secession I did earlier that day. 

From one minute to the next we never know what is going to happen. When you thought it can’t get any better------ it does.


I love the art of Body Harmony® and the appreciation that I have for the uniqueness of our clients and our work. The more I work, the more I see that harmony is what is all around me. How can I bring more of this into our actions and living life?

I have studied many kinds of healing, and continue to do so. I have been a Body Harmony® teacher and practitioner for over 20 years.  

I teach all over Europe and Australia as well as the USA.

 The last few years I have taken up painting, and I have been into photography for many years.  I see that the more sensitive I am to “my hobby” the better and more sensitive I am to my clients needs. Seeing more in the body as will as being able to feel with my hands more in the tissue. Art has really help me to fine-tune my work.

My goal is to assist the clients in finding their own beauty and success in a way that is truly theirs and enhances their lives in every way. 


Gratitude goes to my family, Body Harmony, all my teachers in the past and present, nature, art, because it all gives me the tools that make me a very happy person.


Please go to "Schedule Events" on Home Page to see where we will be teaching. I teach most of the time with my husband, Don McFarland.

I am doing my private secessions both Santa Monica and Pismo Beach CA.


Thank you God!